English Dance Lesson

Hello, everyone

It’s Masa from the dance school ANGELO in Jiyuugaoka

I am pleased to tell you we will be starting a new dance lesson at the end of July

This dance lesson is a new concept, in this lesson you can have fun enjoying Hip Hop dance while communicating completely in English

This lesson is called the All English Dance Lesson!


Ok I’m a bit to excited, ha ha

I have been wanting to make this type class for some time now, and I was lucky enough to meet a fantastic teacher to lead the class

Working with kids for 10 years I’m happy to say we have had international students come to learn dance at our studio in the past and to this day

Here I felt that it was important to communicate in English to our international students so that they can understand the nuance of different steps and the advice of teachers, and to bring out more of their individual strengths in dance.

My wish is to create an environment for our international students where they can have a more natural interaction with their teacher and peers and so they can feel relaxed being themselves

And for our local Japanese students, as we are entering an age where English communication is more and more vital, this lesson can be a practical chance for them to have fun while using their English to communicate with others.

Sunday / 15:00-16:00 / HipHop


【We want these types of kids to come】
▶️ Children who communicate more in English in their daily lives, so a lesson in English would make them more relaxed
▶️ Children who like the sound of being able to learn cool dance moves while learning English at the same time

【Teacher introduction】
The teacher who will be teaching this class is a bright and fun person who has experience teaching dance at an American dance studio as well as English conversation classes for Children

Dancer name: Miss. Momoko
Genre: HipHop

– Dancing since the age of 15, she formed the Hip Hop team D-pop with her team mates and has won many awards
– She went to America to study at 2 different universities after graduating high school. She studies Modern dance, ballet, choreography and lighting
– She participated in the ACDFA in 2011, which is a dance competition between universities across America
– She has also taught Hip Hop in an American Dance studio to a wide range of age groups from Children to Adults
– After returning to Japan in 2012, she has frequently appeared in TV commercials as a dancer and worked as a choreographer in the media while teaching English conversation
– Recently, she is opening her own dance in English lessons and is putting her effort into a natural fusion of English and Dance

【Class Information】
▶️Every Sunday 15:00-16:00 (60minutes) 
▶️Age Group 6~12
※The lesson will start from July 26

For anyone interested in this class, please feel free to ask our friendly staff for more information

Manager:Fujimura  [MASA]
Mail: dance@angelo123.com